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Watchlist: Gia Ford "Sleeping In Your Garden"

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Gia Ford is the stage alias of 25-year-old Sheffield resident Molly McCormick, who released her latest single Cocktail Nights in the fall of 2021.

Like many artists born since the mid-'90s, McCormick's music career began with a series of lo-fi home recordings posted to Soundcloud. A modest dossier of mostly covers, she was discovered by British indie label Dirty Hit in 2017, who saw her as a fitting addition to the label's late-20th-century-revivalist persona. Some of her label mates include The 1975, Wolf Alice, and Pale Waves.

Drawing inspiration from Sheffield a-listers such as The Human League and ABC, McCormick's 2020 fan-favorite Sleeping In Your Garden features a grinding bassline beneath a minimally-processed set of drum samples, a completely unexpected guitar solo midway through, and a passionate key change. It is without a doubt the most sophisticated evolution of McCormick's genre-bending pursuits. As modern as it is reminiscent, Sleeping In Your Garden displays a degree of individuality which was only hinted at on her previous LP, 2020's Murder In The Dark.

McCormick's 9-track Murder In The Dark is a self-aware collage of campy '80s horror motifs, slapped bass, and even includes an industrial hip-hop track produced by Dirty Hit contemporaries 404 Guild. In addition, the album gains a helping hand in the writing department from none other than the multitalented Devonté Hynes, on tracks You & I (GUM) and Anywhere You Are. In the context of McCormick's body of work, this LP is among the most definitive in its influence.

It is in this regard that 2021's Cocktail Nights is such a departure for McCormick. At its core, it is a catchy pop tune with no discernible undertones. Although the purist might be turned off by its lack of complexity, it shows a broad artistic versatility.

Listen to Sleeping In Your Garden below, and find @gia__ford on Instagram.


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