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Watchlist: Ho99o9 "Battery Not Included"

New Jersey natives, Ho99o9, just released their new track "Battery Not Included" produced by Travis Barker.

This unique duo made up of Yeti Bones and theOGM started the group in Newark, NJ back In 2012. Their early influences were the likes of DMX and Bone Thugs-n-Harmony until the pair started frequenting the NYC and Brooklyn punk and hardcore scene. Their influences then turned to Japanther, The Death Set, and Ninjasonik. In their upbringing, they would listen to System Of A Down and Korn and would hear from their relatives that this type of music was "white people music". When the pair came across the band Bad blew their minds.

Ho99o9's style is a blend of high-energy punk, metal, and hip hop. In this new hit, they have Slipknot's Corey Taylor doing some vocals.

Check out the highly creative and dark new video below. Give them a follow on IG to keep up with their new music @ho99o9 . They are on their own hardcore wave.


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