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Watchlist: Illuminati Hotties "Sandwich Sharer"

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Illuminati Hotties is the brainchild of LA native and Berklee College of Music graduate Sarah Tudzin, who released her newest single "Sandwich Sharer" on February 2nd.

Illuminati Hotties, as an idea, is categorized less by influence and more by proximity to influence. It's almost modern pop-punk, it's almost Bright Eyes, it's almost Ivy & The Big Apples era Spiderbait. It's almost all of these things, but, in many ways, it exists entirely in a lane of it's own.

"Sandwich Sharer" is no different, although it does feel more realized and mature than much of 2021's "Let Me Do One More". A stylized appeal to the 1990s from the 2020s, the tracks intimate use of humor, "Sandwich sharer... take the big half, I will bite back, what you won't finish," hits much harder than campier attempts across the prior LP. "Sandwich Sharer", even apart from all of its sonic individuality, is a charming reminder of the power of youthful humor in music.

"Sandwich Sharer" is perfect for fans of Letters to Cleo, Dehd, the Beths. Listen to Sandwich Sharer below, and find @illuminati.hotties on Instagram.


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