Watchlist: Jaydonclover “LADYBIRD”

Jaydonclover, an up and coming R&B artist from Birmingham, UK just released her latest single "Ladybird".

Growing up, Jaydonclover was immersed in her love of music and would listen to Erykah Badu and Frank Sinatra. Her musical influences derive from Aaliyah and Kate Nash for their soft approach to singing their music in such a way they almost speak to their audience from a personal diary. She was also impressed with Kid Cudi's hooks as they were never repetitive but always had his signature touch.

By 2017 she had begun her pursuit of her music career and found herself surrounded with a supportive and collaborate group of people like dylantheinfamous, someone who she developed an enlightening and creative bond with.

"LADYBIRD" is a beautiful blend of Jaydonclover's esteem for Aaliyah with her delicate voice singing against the Erykah Badu-esque beat playing in the background.

Listen to "LADYBIRD" and follow Jaydonclover on IG.