Watchlist: Lexi Anand "Summer Love"

17-year-old singer-songwriter Lexi Anand is set to release her debut single, "Summer Love," on August 27.

At just six years old, Anand wrote her first song, and began studying piano and singing at her local Philharmonic youth chorale soon after. When she was 10 years old, she taught herself chords on the guitar (via instructional guitar videos) in order to accompany herself. Over the years, Anand has performed at venues and events across New York City, Nashville, and California–her signature sound constantly growing and evolving.

"Summer Love" is laid-back and catchy–a must-add to your playlists. Anand's relatable lyrics catch listeners' attention, and her emotional vocal performance is unforgettable. The backing vocals in the chorus highlight the main hook in all the right ways, as well as give the song a rich depth of sound. The single is thoughtfully arranged, with new dynamic range in each section. "Summer Love" builds up to an invigorating guitar solo, which boasts just the right amount of distortion.

Pre-save "Summer Love" now, and stay up to date with Lexi Anand via her Instagram (@lexianandmusic).