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Watchlist: Luna Li "Cherry Pit"

Indie alternative multi-instrumentalist Luna Li released new single "Cherry Pit" on March 8.

Growing up, Li trained as a classical violinist, but was inspired by the bands of the local garage rock scene in her hometown. She plays the keyboards, guitar, violin, and harp, as well as singing. Li shared that, “I’d grown up around a community of teachers at my mom’s partner’s music school and it was always great having the freedom to try out different instruments and take different kinds of lessons over the years.”

Li is quickly gaining popularity, with her dreamlike music aimed towards inclusion and positivity.

"Cherry Pit" is a collage of haikus and advice to Li's past self. Every summer, her family rented a cottage in Muskoka, but the single came about when she learned that the cottage had been sold. "I have so many amazing memories there," the musician explains, "it's so special and close to my heart." In the single, Li recalls a hike with a view at which she ate cherries with her family and spit the seeds into the forest below.

About "Cherry Pit," Li says, "I really wanted it to be a journey of a song. Because of the longer length of the song, I was able to incorporate lots of different production elements, which feel really authentic to the sound I'm constantly growing and discovering. It has all my favorite things: The dreamy harp, the angelic background vocals, the crazy strings and the psychedelic guitar solo at the end."

Listen to "Cherry Pit" below and let us know what you think.


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