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Watchlist: Noah Kickback, "1999"

Noah Kickback, an upcoming house producer based in Los Angeles, has just released his first single of 2021, called "1999." The new track features intimate lyrics, a driving bass, and a groovy house beat.

"1999" remains radio-friendly while still offering a fresh take on an oversaturated genre. “The song is about the emotions you go through while in a relationship and being afraid to fully commit," Noah said of the single. "When I was writing the song I wanted to write about my personal experiences with the hope that other people could relate. At the time, I was in Puerto Vallarta and got inspiration to write this song with the goal of mixing an energetic beat that had a touch of darkness," he added

Noah grew up in San Jose, CA and made the move to Los Angeles to further his opportunities as a producer. Since moving to the city, he has had releases on reputable labels such as Lowly and La Academia Records. Noah has various exciting projects coming up this year and plans to tour in 2022. Listen to his new single below and check back for updates.


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