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Watchlist: Paris "Naive"

Paris, also known as Paris Hing, is a 17-year-old singer-songwriter based in San Francisco, California.

Hing began writing music in her freshman year of high school, producing everything herself in GarageBand. She utilizes her skills on the piano, ukulele, and guitar to create her signature mellow bedroom-pop sound. Influenced mainly by Tate McRae, Gracie Abrams, and Julia Michaels, Hing's writing comes primarily from her personal experiences.

Paris's EP, Naive, was released on July 22, and is five tracks of silky-smooth vocals, relatable lyrical content, and powerfully vulnerable instrumental arrangement. The release starts out strong with "voice in my head," which tells a heartbreakingly universal story of the feelings and issues that come with a toxic relationship. "ready" features flourishing piano motifs and and an undeniably catchy vocal hook.

Follow Paris on Instagram @parishingmusic for more updates on her music!

Listen to Naive now and let us know what you think.


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