Drifting Away from Original Folk with Rayland Baxter's 'If I Were a Butterfly'

Updated: 5 days ago

After releasing three albums of original work, Rayland Baxter returns to the spotlight for his talent with his most recent release, “If I Were a Butterfly.” Drifting away from the original folk sound in his first few albums, Rayland is now making music that could be considered psychedelia with influences of jazz, rock, and pop.

The production throughout the record is abstract and multi-layered through harmonies, electric guitar motifs, and horns. With his eclectic style and multifarious sound, Rayland Baxter is just getting started in his already-successful career.

With millions of streams on his previous works, there's no doubt that Rayland Baxter is evolving further into his artistry and showing his fearlessness in creating new music for unsuspecting ears. A diverse musical composition brings to light a new era for Baxter and his fan base as he continues to create complex musical masterpieces.

Listen to "If I Were a Butterfly" below.


~Kimi Carter, 2022