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Watchlist: SIERRA "Trust"

SIERRA hails from Paris, France as a DJ with music that's influenced by EBM, industrial techno, dark wave and sci-fi soundtracks.

SIERRA's musical story began at the age of five with violin and piano lessons which she loathed. Her interest in music returned years later when she purchased her first guitar and came across the music of JUSTICE. This sweet exposure led to SIERRA purchasing her first synthesizer where she began to create her own tunes.

There's a very haunting cinematic touch to SIERRA's music...something one would hear in a soundtrack to a cyberpunk, dystopian flick like Blade Runner.

"Trust" is right off her new EP, See Me Now, released this year. All tracks have an influence of vengeance to them as well as serious hidden underground club vibes.

Listen to "Trust" and give SIERRA a follow on IG.


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