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Watchlist: WalkJog "I Don't Care"

Psychedelic bedroom pop power-duo WalkJog released their second single, entitled "I Don't Care," today (July 21, 2021).

Photo by Valerie Metz

Keith and Emily Fernandez bring their dreamy vocal tones and bouncy synth lines together in the single, which is equal parts danceable, nostalgic, and innovative. From the catchy hook to the ultra-groovy, downtempo jam section at the end of the song, "I Don't Care" will have you hanging onto every note. The upbeat tune reminds listeners to do what they love, regardless of hate or trouble from others.

“We were in this spot where we were learning that we need to trust ourselves and not let the negativity of others or our own take over,” shared Emily. “We just need to follow our goal and vision, and not care what all the other voices are saying.”

As WalkJog's musical love story continues, we're excited to hear what comes next! Stay up to date on all the latest WalkJog news by following their Instagram page: @walkjogband

Listen to WalkJog's "I Don't Care" now and let us know what you think.


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