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Watchlist: Wallows "Tell Me That It's Over"

LA based pop outfit Wallows are Dylan Minnette, Cole Preston, and Braeden Lemasters. Earlier this week, the trio delivered the long-awaited followup to their breakout LP, 2019's Nothing Happens, entitled Tell Me That It's Over via Atlantic Records.

In typical Wallows fashion, the record's 10 track expanse pulls a bulk of its instrumental vision from surf rock, 1980s new wave, and uptempo contemporary indie pop. Track 4, "At the End of the Day" feels like a Gen Z tribute to the such British Synth Pop acts as the Eurythmics, while the following "Marvelous" pulls a page directly from early 2010s alternative.

Laden with dialogue, much of the LP seems to address themes of love and loss, specifically contextualized by a breakup. Track 8, "Hurts Me" is the most obvious example of these dynamics at work ("Losing control, I start to fold / Karma for heartbreak is really taking its toll").

Find @WallowsMusic on Instagram and listen to Tell Me That It's Over below.

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