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What's New in Fashion: From Diesel to Maison Margiela MM6

Our favorite new moments in fashion, hand-picked by our editors.

Celine Homme Summer 24 Collection

Celine’s “The Show That Never Was” has officially come to life - titled Delusional Daydream. Androgynous, grungy and luxurious, Hedi Slimane’s latest collection shows us just how exciting being “delulu” can really be. The modernized take on a dingy NYC club scene brings us a chic yet punk lookbook that’s reminiscent of sneaky teenage years out in the city with slim fitting motorcycle jackets, oversized satin bows and tops that expose a bare chest. The inspiration from the French 17th century court was a delicate choice to tie into this deconstructed fantasy and play with differing aesthetics to redefine formalwear. Celine’s artistry within this edgy collection shows that just about anything can be revamped for today’s fashion with a delusional mindset.

Louis Vuitton Men’s Pre-Fall 24 Collection

Pharrell’s first menswear Pre-Fall collection for Louis Vuitton is adventurous to say the least, blending tropical design with big city streetwear takes us on a venture where heritage and traditions are what drive inventive fashion. Inspired by the ideation of a Hong Kong businessman on vacation in Hawaii who is forced to return back for a day to make a meeting, the collection delivers Pharrell’s “future of chic” with exotic colorways, patterns and shade pairings on a formal suit. The skate culture now embedded in Louis Vuitton’s designs thanks to Virgil Abloh was widely prevalent in the show and recentered in a contemporary dapper man that Pharrell is infatuated with. Sailor hats, baseball jackets and raffia accessories were all tweaked with details of LV Aloha prints, pearls and wire-edged flowers to illustrate the archetype of a surfer businessman fusion that lives in the city and beyond.

Diesel Pre-Fall 24 Collection

If there’s one thing we can count on Diesel for, it’s their reimagination of denim collection after collection - and their Pre-Fall for the coming year didn’t fail with the dreamiest faded blue selections in fresh, innovative silhouettes. Slightly futuristic and unapologetically stylish, this collection doesn’t just explore sequined denim skirts, denim clogs, and Glenn Martens’ version of a Canadian tux but further merges the ensemble with pops of neon tones while contrasting with solely black leather Matrix-esque looks. This fun new drop is seemingly focused on layering for the Fall weather with shiny denim leggings underneath a raw jort, or plaid mini skirts over jeans slightly encompassed by an oversized jacket; Diesel’s fusion of styles is the perfect high fashion streetwear you’ll feel as cool as you look wearing. Although baggy and oversized fits don’t typically scream sexiness, Martens somehow executed that feel in a contemporary light through his understanding of textures and shapes, as well as with the most chic mini dresses scattered about.

Maison Margiela MM6 Pre-Fall 24

Maison Margiela’s latest collection for MM6, the diffusion line from the fashion house, finds the urban, casual nuances that live within couture fashion to create sophisticated yet witty looks. Slight tailoring details on classic garments give the pieces new attitudes that blur the lines between maximalism and minimalism, especially the ones derived from the Solomon collaboration made from bonded Gore-Tex. Though staying true to MM6’s purpose, the refined looks utilize unsuspecting details to evoke a more elevated feel - like using the lining from a dress to hook around the neck and shift the dress’ volume or simply creating waistbands with a tulip effect on pants to distract from an unvaried basic and further inspire personality within everyday fashion.

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