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What's New in Fashion: From Frankies Bikinis to Jacquemus

Our favorite new moments in fashion, hand-picked by our editors.

Frankies Bikinis x Victoria's Secret Pink

In a picture-perfect collaboration, Frankies Bikinis and Victoria’s Secret PINK have united to introduce the world to their latest joint venture, the enchanting PINK by Frankies Bikinis label. Headed by Francesca Aiello, the founder and creative director of Frankies Bikinis, this debut collection seamlessly intertwines the iconic PINK brand aesthetic with Aiello's unique and feminine flair, capturing the spirit of summer vacations and getaways. The collection, featuring standout pieces like the Hudson Bikini, Atlantic Bikini, Golden Hour bikini bottoms, Marlowe One-piece, and Sailor Satin Dress, showcases a vibrant array of hues including pink, cherry red, and black. Fronted by the beloved model and entrepreneur Devon Lee Carlson, the summer-ready campaign exudes a playful charm. Don't miss the chance to explore and acquire these chic pieces, available soon on the new PINK website and select stores.

Tyler the Creator x Louis Vuitton

Tyler the Creator, is designing a capsule for Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2024 collection. The talented musician and reputable fashion house announced their collaboration earlier this week. Since Pharrell’s reign as creative director at Louis Vuitton, the collections have been receiving much applause and praise. The two artists embody completely different styles, making this collection something people cannot wait to explore. Tyler's imprint on the collection is a unique spin from anything the fashion house has done before. There's a reiteration of the iconic LV emblem in waffle-inspired form, alluding to Tyler's sweet tooth and love for waffles. We also see dogs in the collection referencing Le Fleur's mascot, Darryl. There's also luggage and trunks that are akin to the LV couture house but in Tyler form. Overall, this collection screams Tyler the Creator, establishing the capsule as almost a one-of-a-kind collector's edition. This exclusive campaign consists of 17 looks and is set to release on March 21.

 Jacquemus x Nike

 Earlier this week, Jacquemus posted a picture of the famous Nike Swoosh symbol but as a leather bag. It’s coined as the Swoosh bag. The internet went crazy. People were guessing the model in the picture. With just the hand and arm exposed, people are sure the model of this collaboration is Sha’Carri Richardson, also known as the world’s fastest female runner. Everyone is anticipating their Spring/Summer 2024 collection. The bag is expected to launch on Monday, February 26.  

Check back next week for more.


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