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What to Know About the Menswear Brands Making Their First Appearance at NYFW

CFDA released the official New York Fashion Week schedule for February 9 -15 where 20+ brands are making their first appearance at a Fall/Winter NYFW. New York Men's Day, a biannual initiative, is returning this year with seven new brands.

Opening the week on February 10th, a new sponsorship by Cross Eyed Moose will debut in both sessions that day, along with Nobis, the outerwear sponsor which is returning and showcasing its technical apparel line. This year on NYMD, 12 total brands will be inaugurated with seven new genderless or menswear lines, and five returning labels. Of the returning Men's Day brands, Nobis, Atelier Cillian, A.Potts, Nicholas Raefski, and Terry Singh are showcasing menswear and/or genderless lines.

Here are the six other brands making their NYFW debut on NYMD.


Cross Eyed Moose: Sponsoring the event, Cross Eyed Moose is one of the main brands of One Jeanswear Group’s menswear division. Emphasizing the idea of a “hybrid man”, Cross Eyed moose was created with the foundation of practicality and functionality in mind for a city man with outdoorsy roots.


All Beneath Heaven: Based in Los Angeles, All Beneath Heaven is a gender neutral line founded by Designer, Jimmy Alexander. With emphasis on fair labor practice and ethically made clothing, Alexander uses bright colors and playful patterns to handcraft his suits, collared t-shirts, trousers, and more.


Bulan: Beam Ratchapol Ngaongam designs unisex knitwear that is the picture of Luxury for what knitwear can offer. Featured in Vogue Thailand and GQ Thailand, Ngaongam appears in NYFW for the first time after making multiple international appearances.


Dionysus: Dionysus is an androgynous line based in New York and founded by Julian Octavio Medina Alvarez. The majority of Dionysus pieces are designed with darker, black colors to reflect the absence and alienation that one may face. Alvarez designs essentials with leather and couture garments.


Jahnkoy: A brand that stands for the unity of cultures and mankind, Jahnkoy is a family fashion brand focused on cultural restoration. Burkindy and Marusya Tamboura design their pieces to reflect ancestral design technique and handcrafting skills in their menswear.


Kent Anthony: Kent Anthony is a contemporary luxury menswear brand that focuses on creating timeless pieces that surpass cultural norms and represent marginalized groups.


Raleigh Workshop: Victor Lytvinenko and Sarah Yarborough launched this workshop in 2008

when their denim designs were discovered by Barneys. Raleigh Workshop is based in Raleigh, North Carolina, hence the name, and is made to inspire creativity in its consumers.

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