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Did Lady Gaga's "Rain On Me" Leave Us Drifting Afloat?

Lady Gaga, an icon in every aspect of the word has collaborated with the newly crowned "princess of pop" Ariana Grande on a single, entitled Rain On Me.

THE SOUND This song sits on the line between EDM and pop, definitely made for jumping around to and it definitely has an overall feel-good vibe. Rain is used for a metaphor for a lot of things, being depression, death, a need for change or whatever else. It isn't exactly clear what rain means in this song but I think it's a part of the appeal. This song is open to interpretation by the listener, which makes the listening experience different for everyone. Personally, I see the song as triumphant, made to listen to when you want to dance in the rain. Intersect scores the sound a 7/10.

THE SINGING Both Gaga and Grande have angelic voices, showcased in their hits like raindrops (an angel cried) by Ariana Grande and Always Remember Us This Way by Lady Gaga. Rain On Me shows vocal range in Gaga's case but this definitely is not the song you choose when you want to hear a strong voice. Their voices get lost in the instrumental, I found when I finished listening to the song the first time I couldn't really remember the melody of the singing as much as the beat. On the Intersect rating scale singing earns a 6.5/10.

THE ART BEHIND THE SINGLE While the song clearly has a strong meaning it doesn't come through in the music video. The video seems to play off cliches and comes off as tacky. I was unimpressed by the lack of artistic vision shown by the two artists, especially since Gaga is such a well known creative. Gaga is known for her creativity, especially with regard to her outfits but her image seems to be overshadowed by Grande's. The art behind the single earns a 5/10.

Rain On Me earns a 6.2/10 from Intersect, give it a listen down below.


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