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Don Toliver Announces Sophomore Album 'LIFE OF A DON'

Don Toliver announced his sophomore album, LIFE OF A DON, with a trailer featuring a promising snippet of a previously unheard song.

The video opens with a couple dancing on a stage, and as a backdrop rises, Toliver is revealed to be sitting behind in a plush chair — a visual replicated in the official cover art for the album.

"How long that’s gonna take?" the rapper is heard singing in the trailer. "Know you just want to escape." Fans can likely expect to hear the full audio from the video, which is titled "Xscape," in its entirety when the LP drops early next month. Following Toliver’s 2020 breakout debut Heaven or Hell, the release of LIFE OF A DON is due out October 8 from Atlantic Records and Travis Scott's Cactus Jack label.


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