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Rising Artist Arlissa Releases EP 'The Lovers'

Los Angeles-based, London-bred singer-songwriter Arlissa has shared her stunning six song debut EP The Lovers, featuring singles "House of Cards," "Little Girl," "Rules," and "Old Love." The new project was made in collaboration with producers Austin Ward, Toulouse, and Michael Fatkin.

“When you hear a song about something similar to what you’re going through, it helps you to feel less alone, but it might also lead you to check in with other people,” Arlissa said of the EP. “It’s easy to get so deep into our own problems, we forget to reach out and see how other people are doing, to ask questions and really listen. It’s so important to remember that everyone’s dealing with something, and no one’s got this all figured out.”

Courtesy of Arlissa

This message resonates throughout her new work built on a backdrop of delicate beats and dreamy guitar tones. On The Lovers, Arlissa channels multiple strengths and pains, singing about the sensitivity in moving on, self-forgiveness, and the difficulties faced and courage needed to end a toxic relationship. Her EP is exactly what we're feeling during this challenging time.

Listen below and let us know what you think!



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