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Sarah Barrios Tells Us About Her New EP 'Conversations with Myself'

Rising singer-songwriter Sarah Barrios has just released her second EP, Conversations with Myself. The five-song work includes features from Marc E. Bassy and syd hartha, and the first single off the EP titled “Somebody I’m Proud Of” is a biographical song deeply personal to Sarah.

Alongside the drop, Barrios also debuted her fan-filled music video to "Happy," the EP's lead single.

We had the chance to speak to Sarah about her new EP, her fans, and her songwriting process. Check out our conversation with the artist below!


How long have you been working on Conversations With Myself?

It feels like forever, but in hindsight it hasn't been that long! The pandemic definitely slowed things down a bit for everyone, but I'm so happy that the world finally gets to hear it in its entirety.

What do you find to be your favorite part of songwriting? What’s your process like?

I really love the moment where a feeling and the music click into place. It's this eureka moment where I feel like I can see how to finish a puzzle before actually doing so! My process varies depending on how I'm feeling but usually, I'll spend 5 minutes before a session writing down everything I'm feeling in that moment and from there something usually jumps out at me!

Image courtesy of Sarah Barrios.

Favorite track off of Conversations With Myself? Why?

Probably "Happy!" I don't have many upbeat songs so when I do, it's always exciting to see how people will react and if it will make them feel the same way. It's also just such a happy and honest song, so I'm excited for everyone to finally hear it.

What inspired your song “Somebody I’m Proud Of,” and what message do you want fans to take away from it?

When I initially wrote the song, I wrote about how when I looked at who I was, how I treated others, how I lived my life, I wasn't happy with the person I had become and at the end of the day, just wanted to be proud of myself. After coming out as bisexual a little while after, the song ended up having more meaning than I had thought. I hope that people listen to it and remember that it's okay to not know who you are, and not knowing doesn't make you a bad person. Be proud of the things you've accomplished and the things you've overcome. It's what makes you, you.

"I hope that people listen to it and remember that it's okay to not know who you are, and not knowing doesn't make you a bad person."

What was the process behind the “Happy” music video? How was it getting fans involved?

It was a pretty seamless process thanks to my incredible team. This year was really tough on everyone and the fans were really what got me through it so I wanted to create something with them to show that, even in the darkness there is still light. I cried watching the first pass of the music video. Seeing people happy, in love, and having fun was really special.

Has your creation process changed because of the pandemic?

It's definitely different. Lots of zoom sessions, which aren't quite the same as being in a room with others. Lots of self recorded vocals done on the floor of my closet and performances online. It's definitely not the same as it once was, but it's taught me a lot about cutting a vocal and production that I didn't know beforehand which is cool!

What’s next for Sarah Barrios?

More music and more music videos! I really want to meet the people who have been supporting the music so hopefully once things settle down I'll be able to travel and play live!


Listen to Sarah's new EP here:


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