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Taylor Swift's "folklore" Is A Tale Worth Telling

From the country roots of her self-named album to the retro 1989 to bad-girl Reputation all the way to full-on girly pop Lover. Taylor Swift is an artist who isn't afraid of change. She has successfully executed an album in countless styles of music. Fans have been wondering what Swift could create next. And finally, she released her first indie/alternative album and we are all here for it.


Each song has it's own feel, but collectively the album is peaceful and earthy. Sounds of violins, guitars, the piano and harmonica echo throughout to create a very mellow sound. The only song on the album that stands out to be upbeat is "invisible string." The general pace of the rest of the album is very slow. Swift uses the mysterious beats to complement the nostalgic lyrics. Overall the sound of the album is like nothing Swift has ever done before, but she executed it seamlessly. It's a groovy, down to earth sound that receives a 10/10 on the Intersect grading scale.


Swift's voice is very distinct. So, the quiet and slow sound the album has allows for Swift to really show off her vocals. The album is filled with beautiful harmonies of the instruments and Swift's voice. Consistently through the album, she keeps the same tone in her voice. It's never too bold nor too quiet. Her voice is steady which helps give the album that "storytelling" vibe Swift is going for. Yet, when the time is right Swift changes her voice to match the tone of the story in the song. She keeps her voice soft and airy really making the album have that "indie" sound. Intersect gives the vocals in the album a 10/10.


Swift has always been a storyteller. Every album consists of songs that she has either written or helped write about her life or someone else's life. That's part of why she is so popular today. People love to listen to her albums because they are all stories we relate to. This album is the peak of Swift's storytelling. Pre-release, Swift posted on her Instagram a series of black and white photos that created a forest scene that is now the cover of the album. She later posted an explanation for this. Swift dreamt of and brought to life "folklore" during the quarantine. Like most of us, she had time to think, to reminisce on things. So, in typical Taylor Swift fashion, she made an album about it. "folklore" is an album born from the memories of not only Swift herself, but the memories of those she never got to meet. It's the lyrical version of the images in Swift's head. It's mysterious and whimsical. "folklore" is just that, it's a story, a fairytale of history and memories that Swift has brought to life. Because of that, Intersect gives "folklore" a 10/10 for its creativity and art.


cardigan, peace, invisible string, exile (Bon Iver)


the 1, cardigan, the last great american dynasty, exile (Bon Iver), my tears ricochet

On our Intersect 1-10 rating scale, "folklore" receives a total score of 10/10. Listen to the album below. Listen to the album below.


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