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2gramcam On His Career in Music So Far

2gramcam is a rapper from Memphis, Tennessee with a melodic and unique sound. We spoke with him and he told us a little bit about his career and we are excited to share it with our readers.


Where are you from? How did that environment influence who you are as an artist today?

I'm from Memphis, Tennessee, and I guess it kind of influenced a lot. It's like it did, but in a way, it didn't necessarily. I wasn't rapping when I lived there. I didn't even know that I was going to be a rapper. It kind of was a little after I moved away from home that I started rapping. It basically influenced my character and me as a person more than it influenced me as an artist. I don't know if you know people from Memphis, but my music doesn't even really sound like most Memphis rappers usually sound.

How old were you when you started making music?

I was probably like 24 when I made my first song.

What made you want to start making music?

Honestly, I was in Mississippi at the time, and I was just chilling with some of my friends and one of my friend's friends had a studio. So, we just went over there and we was just drinking and chilling, and smoking and hanging out. He was basically just pulling up beats and stuff, and somebody else was over there recording with him. After they finished recording, I was just drunk and I was like "Imma do a song", and I just went in and did a whole song, and after I did it, my friend that brought me over there, he was very business-minded, the type of guy who is always trying to sign people and throw parties, and he was like "Cam, that sound cool!". He was like "I want you to start recording for real." So from there, I just starting recording.

Who were some of your musical inspirations when you were growing up?

I listened to a lot of artists, but I would say The Game, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent. I actually listened to NWA a lot, like Eazy-E was my favorite rapper.

Talk about some of the drive and passion that you have to have in order to keep excelling in the music industry.

Oh yeah, music is hard. I mean, it's fun, but after a while, it does become a job. Like me, I'm guilty of probably not like having the drive that I should put into music. Like a lot of the people surrounding me are like real real real deep into music. They're like in the studio constantly. But like, sometimes I be doing other stuff, you know what I'm saying? Because it takes a while for music to really start paying you. It's an image thing too, so you have to be really really passionate to do it. Also, the rap game is really over-saturated right now, so that plays into it too. You have to be super passionate and dedicated.

Who are some of your favorite people that you have worked with during your career so far?

Ummm, I actually haven't worked with that many people. I've just worked with my brothers and stuff like UnoTheActivist, Warhol.SS, and Fauni. I've worked with some people from my city. Yeah, and some good producers. I actually really like doing solo songs. A lot of other people are the opposite and want to make music with everybody, but not me.

Your newest single Tiger King is straight fire, the melodic beat stands out significantly. What is the story behind the song if there is one?

I mean, I be just walking around the house rapping to myself. That's how my songs come up all the time. But, I mean, I was just in the studio one day. I had watched the series "Tiger King" and I liked it a lot, so I was like I want to do something based on it. I honestly come up with some lines in my head before, and I freestyle my songs so yeah. I thought the song and the show fit well together. The beat has some Arabian type of vibe to it. In my songs, I like to put lines that are relevant to things that are going on during that time that I made them. Like when the movie "Birdbox" came out I put a line in one of my songs about Birdbox. You feel me?

So you have released three projects Traptopia 1, Traptopia 2, and TrapSoul and multiple singles. What's next? When can we expect a new project?

Probably around my birthday, so in June.

What's some advice that you would give to someone who is just starting out making music and doesn't know how to find their personal sound?

Ummmm, that's hard, honestly. Because most people's sounds are based on someone else's sound. You just have to get into your pocket. You should be able to be in the booth talking and it shouldn't be hard for you. So, basically it's just finding your thing. You have to keep experimenting and trying different things. Like, some artists can sing on their tracks. I can't. I don't have the voice for it. But, I only know that because I have tried and learned. But, also, with the technology that they have now, you can make anybody sound good. So yeah, find your thing, and keep trying and working with different people, and you'll find your sound and style.


Listen to some of 2gramcam's music below:


2gramcam's Social Media:

Instagram: @2gramcam

Twitter: @2grammycam


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