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Adele Teases New Song "Easy On Me"

Adele has announced her first new music in almost six years, teasing the October 15 release of "Easy On Me" — the presumptive lead single from her upcoming fourth album — with a 10-second snippet of a piano melody.

In the brief teaser, Adele pops an old-school cassette with the song's title on it into her car's tape deck, cranks up the volume and lets her left arm catch the wind as she drives down the road while piles of sheet music fly into the air. She's hauling a packed trailer behind her vintage ride — perhaps noting to the baggage of her recent divorce — and we only get a small glimpse of the singer's eyes, hands and a portion of her face. Still, the figure is unmistakably Adele.

Check out the preview for "Easy on Me" below, and stay tuned for its release.


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