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Anyways... Is "Anyways" a Hit or Not?

In the past month, Atlanta rapper Young Nudy dropped his new project "Anyways". A lot of people had different opinions on the project, but the most popular opinion actually applauded Nudy on the project. Let's see if we think "Anyways" is a hit or not.


Young Nudy has a sound that is super unique to himself. From his wordplay to his articulation, to his voice in general, Nudy sounds like Nudy and no one else. The first track on "Anyways" is "Understanding". On this track, Nudy starts the song with the hook but then slows everything down, the beat goes out, and he adds dialogue with two auto-tuned deep voices about qualities that Nudy always lives by like realness, smoking weed, and loyalty. After the dialogue, the beat comes back in and the song speeds back up and continues. This is rare for modern-day rap/hip-hop because a lot of times we see the same beat go through the whole song without any variations and the track will honestly become boring. Along with adding variation to the sound on the track "Understanding", Nudy adds variation to the sound of the whole project. Some songs are slower and more mellow like "No Go", and "Marathon", and some songs are faster and more upbeat like "Blue Cheese Salad" and "GTA Lifestyle". Due to Nudy's mastery of variation of sound, on the Intersect 1-10 rating scale, the sound would get a 10/10.


The best part about Nudy's rapping is that it sounds effortless and almost as if he is just talking to us. For example, in "A Nudy Story", it just sounds like he is high, comfortable, and calmly telling us a story about his life, and we sure are listening. This is truly a skill to be able to rap like you are talking and still sound good on the beat. Young Nudy definitely mastered this more and more throughout his projects. On the other hand, it may be perceived as being offbeat. But, I do think that that is just the beauty and normality of it all. If he was on beat and tried to make it sound perfect, he would lose his carefree essence. Another great thing about Nudy's raps is his word play. In a track like "Marathon", we hear a lot of it and it really makes us smile because of how clever it is. Out of all of Nudy's great qualities when it comes to rapping, our favorite is his ability to tell stories with his lyrics. Due to all of these great qualities, on the Intersect 1-10 rating scale, the rapping would get a 10/10.


The biggest thing that stands out on "Anyways" when it comes to the art would be the fact that Nudy presented us with a project with no features and a true story about his life. But, he could have done this in a way that was more easily recognized by other people. For example, he could have put it in an order that certain people understood easier. But, at the end of the day that depends on the listener because we would see the art and the story. Due to this, the art behind the album would receive a 9/10 on our Intersect 1-10 rating scale.


Understanding, A Nudy Story, and Marathon


Blue Cheese Salad

We would recommend listening to Young Nudy's "Anyways". The overall Intersect rating is a 9.7/10. Listen to the project below.


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