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Apparently, Three Major Cities in America Have A “10”

Although it's 2024, times for women have not changed that much. Many people hold women to a certain standard. The “perfect” woman is skinny, but in a way that she still has nice breasts and a big butt. She should also maybe have a flat stomach and thin arms? Apparently, there’s nothing wrong with being skinny, but there is also nothing wrong with being average-shaped, mid-size, or plus-sized... We're all "body-positive," but could that ever be true with these contradicting standards? The beauty standards are a literal brain f**k. It goes so far that some cities in America have made it clear what makes a woman a “10."

New York City 10

One would think a city so big and diverse, where people all over the world move to, wouldn’t make these types of standards for all the gorgeous females living there. Wrong. Apparently, the rules of being a New York City “10” follow this: tall but not too tall, model skinny, unique style, more natural looking, small to medium breasts, and blonde or brunette. They also have to be smart and funny which should be the important part rather than focusing on looks. These girls have something called “pretty privilege” because they fit the New York City “standard” for women. What this means is they get many free drinks or even free dinners when going out, free deals and tickets to events, and sometimes free trips. They could be influencers, but they could also not be, which makes them even more appealing to the eyes. Some on social media have stated that Emily Ratajkowski, Anok Yai, and Candice Swanepoel are the prime example of a NYC 10. 

While many of these factors are made by men thinking about their dream girl based on looks, it is unrealistic. Being a New York City 10 should have nothing to do with looks. The ideal NYC 10 is someone who has drive and determination. Someone who is passionate about their work and their hobbies and makes it happen in the Big Apple. Someone who is independent and thriving in their life. Someone who is definitely ambitious, kind, and funny, but someone who can also be full of emotions and be tired of how chaotic and toxic the city can be. 

Los Angeles 10

Again, another city with so many diverse and interesting people, yet the “10s” are taken to the glamorous lifestyle. The LA “10” standard is someone who looks very clean and put together, is healthy, and is usually also blonde or brunette. This means very natural makeup, the hair looks put together, and someone with a style that’s simple but trendy. Examples of an LA 10 are Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner. They have a sleek style, no makeup makeup looks, and fit the body type that many LA residents prefer. They love to workout and live a very healthy lifestyle while also being rich. Big smiles and nice teeth are a plus, as well. They can be mean, but it won’t matter because they have the connections and the privilege to do whatever they want or go wherever they wish. 

Like I said, this is what an LA 10 made up by a man is like, but many women tend to push themselves into that lifestyle for the sake of fitting in. The perfect LA 10 would be someone accomplishing their goals to achieve their dreams. Someone who is nice and can network well. Someone who has fun enjoying the little things of life and can enjoy being relaxed. Someone who doesn’t feel the need to hold up to these standards because it does not matter. Someone who likes to go out and mingle but to enjoy themselves not for the pleasure of others. 

Miami 10

Last but not least, there is Miami. Now, this city has the opposite standards of New York and LA. While the other two cater to tall and skinny, and natural, Miami prefers someone with the look of a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) or a BBL, in general. A Miami 10 has an hourglass, skinny body with a big butt, has more of a fun closet with color and short skirts/ dresses, has big lips, natural or unnatural, and very Instagram baddie vibes. For example, Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lopez, or Sofia Vergara would be a Miami 10. They are more outgoing and talkative and can get into any club with no cover. 

A Miami 10 should be someone who is, for sure, outgoing and fun, but also down to earth. Someone who loves to explore their sense of style. Someone who works hard and cares about their personality more than looks. Someone who isn’t afraid of what others will think of their body if they don’t have a BBL. 

These three cities have made their claim on what a woman who is a 10 should look like and act like when living there. They could not be far from wrong. Every woman is beautiful in their own way despite the way their body or face looks. Those are not key factors of what makes a genuine woman a woman. It hurts when seeing your favorite male celebrities date a woman who looks nothing like you or when your crush goes for the white blonde girl when you’re a different race with a different hair color. However, none of that matters because every female is a 10 in their own way. Standards are made to what society believes is correct, but it is far from it. Enjoy what you eat, love the color of your skin and hair, have fun doing what you do and being who you are. It does not matter whether you get fillers, botox, plastic surgery or not, do what makes you happy, not what will fit men’s or society’s standards. 


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