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Did Jhene Aiko Succeed to Put Us In Our Feelings With "Chilombo"?

Jhene Aiko's latest album "Chilombo" is topping charts on Apple Music, Spotify, Billboard, and more. Multiple tracks on the album are pre-released singles that listeners fell in love with before the release of "Chilombo" like "None of Your Concern", "Triggered", and "P*$$Y Fairy". When it comes to the album as a whole, did Jhene Aiko succeed to put us in our feelings?


Jhene Aiko has a very similar sound and style to that of the R&B/Soul legend Sade. Her music is infused with an alternative and unique sound to other modern day R&B artists. We have seen this since her first major hits like "The Worst" and "Sativa". On "Chilombo", Jhene definitely continued this sound. One of the things that makes Jhene's sound so unique, is the usage of soulful and vibe-worthy interludes. On "Chilombo", her interludes are "Define Me", which has an Hawaiian inspired calming beat in the background that is similar to that of a spa, and "Summer 2020" which is an uplifting happy song that reminds listeners of a summer love. The effects that these interludes have are breaks in between the flow of the album that slow things down and ease the sound. Jhene Aiko has such a strong voice that can hit high notes. In order to allow listeners to flow through the album and not get tired of those high notes and her powerful voice, Jhene adds the interludes to give listeners a change in sound. This is something that a lot of R&B/Soul artists do not know how to do because they do not consider how much their music can take a toll on listeners' emotions. However, Jhene is aware of this and gives us lovely breaks that change up the sound. Along with the variety in sound that the interludes bring, Jhene's tracks sound different than one another in the first place. For example, tracks like "None of Your Concern", "Triggered", and "B.S" sound completely different than tracks like "10k Hours", "Surrender", and "Born Tired." Jhene no doubt shows versatility on "Chilombo". Because of this, "Chilombo's" sound receives a 10/10 on our Intersect 1-10 rating scale.


Jhene Aiko's voice sounds phenomenal on the whole entire album. She hits notes like the ones in "Summer 2020" perfectly. But, that does not stop her from hitting the notes in "Triggered" perfectly as well. Jhene swings from a more aggressive tone back to a more passive and relaxed tone throughout the whole album, and controls her voice accordingly. Jhene's ability to sing is honestly self explanatory. The thing that Jhene understands that a lot of R&B singers have not yet learned, is that you have to choose a sound that compliments your voice and stick to it. Jhene has mastered this skill. Because of this, on our Intersect 1-10 rating scale, the singing on "Chilombo" receives a 10/10.


One of the best things about Jhene Aiko's albums is that they tell stories and the songs flow in some sort of order in order to tell that story. When we look back to previous albums like "Trip", Jhene is telling a story that metaphorically compares love to a drug and tells a story of a girl who is addicting or "tripping" off of that drug. The story in "Chilombo" which is a Hawaiian word for wild beast, and is part of Jhene Aiko's full name, relates to something that Jhene Aiko is passionate about, song therapy. Different songs appeal to different chakras within us. Jhene Aiko carries this theme beautifully through the entire album. Jhene uses sound bowls in this album that set off vibrations to the body when you sing into them. The fact that all of the music on this album relates back to sound therapy and Jhene Aiko's roots is powerful and highly impressive. Because of this, the art behind the album receives a 10/10 on our Intersect 1-10 rating scale.


P*$$Y Fairy & Surrender



I would recommend listening to Jhene Aiko's "Chilombo", especially if you are in the mood to get in touch with your emotions through versatile and soulful R&B/Soul music. The overall rating for "Chilombo" on our Intersect 1-10 rating scale is a 10/10. Listen to the album yourself below.


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