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Did Kaash Paige and 6LACK have us singing Love Songs? Or a sour tune?

Kaash Paige, an up and coming Dallas artist collaborated with 6LACK this year on a remix of her song Love Songs. Did the duo do what they needed to do?


The song puts listeners in a very relaxed mood; the tempo is not too fast or too slow and the instrumentation gives a chill factor millennials are accustomed to hearing. It fits into the typical modern R&B mold, giving us a lax background to words that aren’t all that complex. It’s very laid back and offers a sound that almost melts. The sound is very sexy like your typical 6LACK song, so Kaash Paige’s sound meshes perfectly. The song earns an 8/10 on Intersect's rating scale.


Everyone is familiar with the sultry sex appeal of 6LACK’s voice. He offers this same thickness is this track, but in combination with Kaash Paige, his sound is complimented nicely. She comes with a softer, deeper voice and when they collide, the result is clean and romantic. The singing in this song earns an 8/10 on the Intersect rating scale.


The album’s art features a picture lit by a red light. The image is blurry but depicts a person on a couch, seeming to be shaken up by their thoughts. This album cover is a great example of how love feels. The song is a love song, right? It’s red, it can be angry sometimes. Sometimes it can leave you confused and shaken. But in all of this, a beautiful image can be captured if you just step back. Paige and 6LACK sing blissfully of falling in love, whole the album cover shows you how it may actually feel; a very interesting juxtaposition. The art behind this single earns a 10/10 on Intersect's rating scale.


If you want to hear more of Kaash Page check out her other single, 64 or the original mix of Love Songs.

If you’re lacking in 6LACK, check out his older album East Atlanta Love Letter.

Well, Kaash Paige and 6LACK did not disappoint. They came through with the late-night car ride vibes, and this single earns an 8.5/10 on the Intersect rating scale. Check out the single below!


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