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In Review: Doja Cat's, "Attention"

Doja Cat shocks fans with an entirely new sound on her track “Attention.”


The distinct sound of this single can be attributed to the collaborative efforts of producers Y2K and Rogét Chahayed. Y2K, known for his previous collaborations with Doja, and Rogét Chahayed, renowned for his work with acclaimed artists like Drake and Travis Scott, joined forces to create a unique sonic experience. Their collaboration allowed Doja to seamlessly blend her lyrical prowess with her signature vibrant production style. The song captivates listeners right from the start with the introduction of a captivating harp melody, swiftly followed by a subtle drumbeat. Doja delivers a compelling vocal performance, effortlessly transitioning from melodic singing to a crisp and rhythmic rap style. Throughout the track, the instrumental elements recede, with the exception of the drums, during her rap verses. However, the ethereal harp resurfaces intermittently, adding a layer of depth to her rapping. This remarkable composition earned Doja a respectable 7/10 rating on the Intersect Rating Scale for sound.


Doja Cat fearlessly confronts the public's scorn in her latest track, fearlessly acknowledging the disrespectful treatment she has endured. With unapologetic verses such as, "Lookin' good, but now they all sayin' that I'm ugly...I'm sad that you really thought your ass was above me," she directly addresses the unjust criticism she has faced. Over the course of her career, Doja has undergone significant transformations, and now, she seizes the opportunity to confront the unwarranted backlash that accompanied these changes. Utilizing this song as a platform, she asserts her unwavering dedication to her artistry and unequivocally declares her intention to persist at full speed. In doing so, Doja Cat reminds the public of her tenacity and uncompromising commitment to her craft. Her thought-provoking lyrics and assertive delivery resonate powerfully, earning her an impressive 9/10 rating on the esteemed Intersect Rating Scale, underscoring her lyrical prowess and artistic merit.


Doja Cat's surprising statement regarding her previous albums as mere "cash grabs" and the product of minimal effort has left audiences taken aback. Many fans have expressed their admiration for these albums, considering them as well-crafted bodies of work. Despite fan satisfaction, Doja Cat has made it clear that she desires to embark on a transformative journey with her sound. This sonic shift became evident with her collaboration alongside SZA on "Kill Bill," where she skillfully displayed her storytelling prowess through her rap verses. With the recent release of "Attention," she once again demonstrates her undeniable talent, leaving listeners curious about the forthcoming album's sonic divergence from her past endeavors. Doja Cat's art gains her an 8/10 on the Intersect Rating Scale.

Overall, Doja Cat earns an 8/10 on the Intersect Rating Scale.

Stream “Attention” below.


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