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From "Three Months", Here is 'Trouble' by Troye Sivan

Electronic dance-pop star, Troye Sivan, releases a single from the upcoming movie, Three Months, where he plays the main character who finds out he just contracted HIV.



Starting with eclectic strings, the sounds transcribes us into our own 90's movie. What makes this track so engaging is just from the start we are bombarded with textures that have us question and be fully engaged with what this single is. A common technique now has been adding eclectic and interesting textures within the intro to keep the audience engaged for the direction. Sivan is known to add a variety of textures within his tracks and we see no less here as we are met with aural backing textures and synths that add not just to the track but an eviscerated feeling of reliving our best memories when we are young.

Jay Son’s vocals adds to the indie texture of this pop song with the increased elements of indie and electronic. At 1:15 we see Jay Son’s vocal shine with how smooth and hypnotic their verse is, as more synths are layered and buried beneath, adding to this aural orchestra. Sivan has nailed how to create an early nostalgia track that has one really want to live about the old times. With this, on the Intersect Magazine Scale of 1-10 for Sound, “Trouble" receives an 8 out of 10.


Sivan elicits lyrics that are not just whimsical but are play characterized feelings of nostalgia. From his lyric of:

"My room is spinning when I'm sober/ So somebody wake me in October"

Hinting at the song by Green Day, "Wake Me Up When September Ends", the most notable lyric is within the name of the song. Sivan incorporates this to target his audience of those that grew up listening to songs in the 2000s. This own lyric asks the individual to wake them up then to avoid emotional pain. We can infer that Sivan is being woken up from this love interest from his own emotional pain. Even in the Chorus,

"And, ooh baby, you're kinda drivin' me crazy/ I'm not one to need saving, but I guess I'll give it a try"

Looking into his discography, as a teenager, his songs were very vibrant and more about living wild. But there comes a point to where an adolescence wants to not be left to feel like they are against the world themselves and just needs someone there for them. A place to lay their head. We see this growth from not just his songwriting but even in his outlook on life. With this, on the Intersect Magazine scale of 1-10 for Lyrics, "Trouble" receives an 8 out of 10.


This track is promoting the new movie, Three Months, where Sivan is playing the lead character. The lead character is waiting for his HIV results and in this time, finding love in ways he did not know before. We see it transcribed in this song with emphasizing moments where love is fleeting and in this uncertainty, we reflect on who we are and how life could have gone differently if we chose different paths. This song almost parallels to COVID to where when getting tested we have that looming fear of possibly contracting just like the parallel that one feels when waiting for any type of test results whether that’s HIV or any other. That looming fear is that moment where we reflect on our lives and look at both the positives and negative. On the Intersect Magazine scale of 1-10, for The Art behind the Single, "Trouble" receives a 9/10.

Overall, this nostalgia track is perfect for any spring bike riding adventure and on the Intersect Magazine Scale of 1-10, "Trouble" receives an overall score of 8.5/10. Listen below or find it on your service here .


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