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Is "Black Men Don't Cheat" Heat?

Some of our favorite and familiar voices have come together to serve us with a message familiar to pop culture. Read below to see if we’re convinced that Black Men Don’t Cheat - K.CAMP (feat. Ari Lennox, 6LACK &T Tink)


At the start of the song, Ari Lennox leads with a voicemail followed by a cappella vocals but the background is very chill. It is similar to vintage Jill Scott and Erykah Badu; fans of older R&B will appreciate this introduction. As the song continues, the sound of this isn’t necessarily completely fresh; a lot of R& B singles lately offer the beat and vibes that this one does. The song also has a very abrupt ending, but with three features and approximately three and a half minutes of sound, no one was slighted. The sound of this single earns a 7/10 on Intersect’s ratings scale.


The singing on this song features some of our favorite voices—some of the hottest on the R&B scene right now. Ari Lennox opens the piece with her signature sound, followed by K Camp’s mellow rap flow and 6LACK’s sultry singing. The song concludes with Tink’s one of a kind voice, and all in all no marks were missed vocally with this one. All of these artists fit within the style of this piece, and for that, the song earns an 8/10 on Intersect’s rating scale.


This song tells the story of a man being accused of cheating by his partner. It is an age-old story with a response that shows up a lot in popular culture lately: “Black men don’t cheat”. The song aims to maintain the innocence of a man as he reassures his lover that he is not cheating on her. The message is not exactly romantic, nor is it convincing. The artwork on the cover of the album by K CAMP, Kiss 5, depicts a black woman with her mouth open and eyes closed. The albums on the song pertain to love and the sensual album cover corresponds. The art behind this album earns a 6.5/10.


"BMO" by Ari Lennox

Overall, the song definitely fits in with other popular R&B songs of today. Our favorite voices have come together to collaborate on a satisfactory single. Black Men Don’t Cheat earns a 6.5 out of 10 on the Intersect rating scale. Check it out for yourself below!


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