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Jacob Webster Served Milk and Keke Puffs In Peerspace Campaign

Got Milk?

Inspired by a multitude of iconic cultural moments like Missy Elliott via David LaChapelle in 1999, Esther Baker for SSX Magazine in 2005, Carolina Beaumont via Jean-Paul Goude in 1976, and, of course, the Got Milk 2000s campaigns, celebrity photographer Jacob Webster partnered with Peerspace to shoot Keke Palmer.

“I’m really happy how the shoot came out! With my art, I try to appeal to a broader dynamic, adding in different elements that everyone can enjoy whether that’s makeup, styling, set dressing, etc." says Webster. "We shot this on my day off from tour and only had two hours to knock out multiple looks. I’m glad we chose a location that already had set dressing, which made it easier for us to just step in with our props."

The shots include Keke in a classic "Got Milk" cropped top, covered in milk, eating "Keke Ice Cream Sandwiches," and, of course, eating and showing off her "Keke Puffs Cereal."

"Overall, my ultimate goal was to celebrate Keke and her motherhood while referencing some iconic moments in pop culture and art, and it felt like my goal was met," says Webster.

Check out the complete list of credits below.

Photo: @jpwphoto

Producer: @jasper_seven

Studio: @peerspace

Videographer: @theroyaltmedia

Graphics: @wakeupzuzi


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