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Lorde Plans to Release a Deluxe Version of 'Solar Power'

Lorde has confirmed she'll release a deluxe version of Solar Power later this week, featuring two tracks previously unavailable on streaming services.

In a newsletter to her fans, Lorde explained that the two tracks, "Helen Of Troy" and "Hold No Grudge" were the "black sheep" of the record. "These songs were fun explorations on the album journey," she said. "They didn’t quite fit into the tracklist for whatever reason but they’re both big tunes."

"'Helen Of Troy' is just me talking trash to make Jack [Antonoff] laugh, basically. We wrote it super quickly in the tiniest room at Westlake where we did a bunch of [Melodrama] and it was fun the whole time," she added. "'Hold No Grudge' is a sort of composite portrait of when relationships turn sour, being trapped in the ice but remembering the warmth," continues the explanation. "Every couple lines, the person I’m singing about changes; one minute it’s a childhood friend, next a crush or a colleague."

Watch out for the deluxe album on November 5 — pre-save here.


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