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Meet Riot Ten, the DJ Using His Platform to Promote Autism Awareness and Support

Riot Ten, also known as Christopher Wilson, is a talented DJ and producer signed to Steve Aoki's record label (Dim Mak).

At age sixteen, Wilson began his career in the music industry, making his mark in the electronic music scene with his invigorating sound. Four years ago, his second son was born prematurely and diagnosed with autism. Now, Wilson uses his voice and platform as an established DJ to raise awareness to the autistic community, as well as to highlight resources and organizations like the annual El Paso "Run/Walk For Autism". He will be participating in the event tomorrow with a number of his friends and music industry colleagues to show his support.

Wilson released his latest single, "Own The Night", with Crankdat on April 22, 2022. This electrifying power-track is the perfect accompaniment for the "Run/Walk For Autism" happening this weekend. The swelling synths and booming beats, complete with dynamic drops, are sure get you amped up and on your feet.

We spoke with Christopher Wilson about his influences, day-to-day life, and how he supports the autistic community. Read the full interview below and check out "Own The Night". Let us know what you think.


How are you doing today?

I'm doing well! God has blessed my family with another day. I woke up and ran a mile, made a cold pressed juice, and now I'm jumping in the studio to go to work.

Who or what first inspired you to DJ?

This one is asked quite a bit, but it's hard to pinpoint. Early on, I just started messing around with DJ programs out of curiosity and the rest kind of fell into place. House parties played a big role early in my career, so that definitely helped with my confidence. Balancing family and my career was definitely hard in the beginning, but after years of doing it, I think I've come up with a routine that works for my family and I.

Who were your first musical influences? How have they changed over time?

As far as early influences, I'd say Afrojack, Kaskade, Flosstradamus, Skrillex, Morgan Page, Caspa, and Rusko were big for me. Honestly, everyone and anyone inspires me now, from artists on the radio to artists I hear on soundcloud with less than 1000 followers.... Influence can come from anywhere.

What draws you to electronic music?

I think the freedom of creativity and the energy is what draws me to electronic music. Being able to incorporate so many genres into the sound is everything–from heavy metal to rap. I'm also in love with the fans and what they bring to each show; their energy is second to none.

"Being able to incorporate so many genres into the sound is everything–from heavy metal to rap."

What does your day-to-day life look like?

A day-to-day for me looks like waking up early in the morning with my youngest son, Kai, to help get him ready. At around noon, I go for a run and make myself a cold pressed juice after. After that, I work on music for a few hours and then I'll hop on the Xbox for a bit. At around 7:30 I put Kai to sleep and at 10:00 I put my son Chris Jr to sleep. After that, I hang out with my Girlfriend until we go to bed at around midnight.

Do your sons inspire your music?

I'm not sure they directly inspire my songs, but they definitely inspire me to keep going. They love music, but haven't shown interest in creating yet. Maybe they will in the future!

Share a little bit about the emotions and events surrounding Kai’s birth. What are some of the common misconceptions about autism?

Kais birth was a rollercoaster of emotions. We were told he probably wouldn't make it and when he did, they said he would probably be blind, and he wasn't. The emotions were all over the place. I'd say a big misconception is that people with autism are mentally challenged or not smart. Some of the smartest people in the world are actually on the spectrum.

How have you used your platform as a musician to raise awareness to autism and organizations providing support and resources?

I'll be participating in El Paso's "Run/Walk for Autism" with a bunch of my friends and family. I’ve made it very clear how important it is to me so I have all my closest friends flying in for it. I am very grateful and happy to have that kind of support.

"I'll be participating in El Paso's Walk for Autism with a bunch of my friends and family."

Are there any upcoming events or projects you’re working on that you can tell us about?

Always working, always creating, always touring. There's so much to be excited about this year. I have a big EP dropping in May, and then I have a ton of festivals lined up for the Summer. I'm also going back on the road this year for my fall tour, which I'm really looking forward to. We are in the process of confirming support as we speak, so stay tuned!



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