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Morat's "Labios Rotos" Breaks Their Style

The Latin pop group Morat has had an active quarantine. Since March they have released a number of singles and collaborations with artists such as Reik and 2020 breakout star Aitana. Although their products as a whole are more than remarkable their new single "Labios Rotos" leaves a lot to be desired from a high caliber band such as Morat.


Morat starts off "Labios Rotos" by ditching their signature string led melodies and instead opt for a bold bass/symbal led beat that comes off as aggressive. The non-melodic beat gets boring really fast since the only variation is a synthesized arpeggio that precedes the repeating bland lyrics. Not much can be said about the sound, it is repetitive, boring, and not engaging. All aspects that Morat has used as a signature in the past. It hurts to say this but "Labios Rotos" is not a good sound. There is no progression, the beginning of the song sounds the same as the end. It is the type of song that is only listened to when you forget to turn off the radio. It is because of this that this single receives a 2/10 on the Intersect 1-10 rating scale.


The lacking sound of the song could have potentially been saved by a strong lyrical component that Morat has the capability to deliver. Nonetheless, this is not the case. In the past, Morat has proven that they can work with nearly any rhyme scheme and beat that may come across them. By using complex varying lyrics that rarely rely on chorus Morat has framed itself as a strong lyrical band.

Sadly the lyrics for "Labios Rotos" read like a middle school angst poem, full of cliches and annoyingly repetitive. By listening to the first thirty seconds of the track you have listened to the whole track since the rest is just a loop with a slight variation in vocal key. It is because of this that "Labios Rotos" receives a 2/10 on the Intersect 1-10 rating scale.


I'm a strong fan of risk-takers, without risk takers music would be stale and boring. With that being said, not all risks pay off. Morat strayed away from their zone a little too far. The fact that "Labios Rotos" is not a good track is surprising because Morat has successfully taken bigger risks in the past.

"Enamorate de alguien mas" also by Morat, is a perfect example of good risk, while straying away from the active strong beat the strong lyrical component remains, resulting in a refreshing song.

"Labios Rotos" had all the pieces to be a good, out of style song. It had an unexplored melodic sound, a lyrical component that allowed for spoken style lyrics and more importantly an audience that now more than ever is hungry for new content. Sadly the pieces were wrongly arranged resulting in a track that leaves a lot to be desired. It is because of this that this single receives a 5/10 on the Intersect 1-10 rating scale.

"Labios Rotos" is awarded a 3/10 on the intersect 1-10 rating scale. Keep in mind this is an opinion driven piece. Listen to the song below.


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