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Olivia Rodrigo Makes History with "Drivers License"

Olivia Rodrigo's "Drivers License" has set Spotify's record for most streams in a day for a non-holiday song, the streaming service has announced.

The young TV star was best known for starring in the Disney+ show High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, until she released her debut single “Drivers License” on Friday, January 8. Since then, the song has exploded, earning massive first-day streaming numbers on Spotify, winning over Taylor Swift, and catapulting Rodrigo to the top of numerous Artist To Watch lists for the year.

Spotify's Global Hits lead Becky Bass told Billboard a number of factors contributed to the song's rise. "I definitely think it's a perfect storm," Bass said. "When we were talking about the audience that she had prior to the release -- that's a very young, female, engaged audience. So they really sort of sparked the flame. But now what you have is it traveling well beyond that audience. And obviously social media platforms have helped that, but I think just word of mouth. This is a song you're talking about with everyone right now. Everyone's listening to it, everyone's obsessing over it."

"Drivers License" is 17-year-old Rodrigo's debut single. After its success, fans are eager to hear more. What do you think?


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