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Olivia Rodrigo's "SOUR Prom" Concert Film is Here

Olivia Rodrigo released her first concert film titled "SOUR Prom" on Tuesday. She premiered her concert film through a live stream on YouTube where she did a pre-show Q&A.

The questions she answered were submitted on Twitter using #AskOlivia underneath a tweet posted by T-mobile.

The concert film itself was approximately 28 minutes long and starts at 45:20 on the YouTube stream. It begins with a shot of a man walking on a sidewalk in front of a house with "Sour Prom, Starring Olivia Rodrigo" flashing on the screen. This was shortly followed by a white limo pulling up to the house to pick up Rodrigo.

While Rodrigo is in the limo "on her way" to prom, she sings a mashup of the songs "happier" and "deja vu" with purple, pink, and blue graphics showing through the windows. The mashup that was completely unexpected, but wonderfully done. It set up the mood for the rest of the film, which was a roller coaster of emotion.

Rodrigo started off her prom by singing "brutal," "traitor," and "jealousy, jealousy" back to back. Afterwards, there's footage of Rodrigo walking down hallway leading to where she sings "enough for you" in a room full of pictures.

The film then shows Rodrigo outside singing "driver's license" while she walks over to a school football field. This leads to Rodrigo's final performance in the film where she performed "good 4 u" in a Saturday Night Live fashion. Basically, lots of jumping around while she sings.

The end credits play her finals song on the track "hope ur ok." Considering that she only has 11 songs on the album, many thought she would be performing all of the songs on the album. However, "hope ur ok" wasn't actually performed and two of her other songs, "favorite crime" and "1 step forward, 3 steps back" were not performed or played throughout the film.

Overall, it's a cool short film to check out. Hopefully, we can see her perform every song in the future. Rodrigo did post behind the scenes pictures on her instagram when SOUR Prom went live. The pictures feature her genuinely having a good time at her #SOURProm.


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