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On Tuesdays, We Go To The Movies

I am so obsessed with going to the movies. The printed carpets that resemble the floors of a

children’s party place, the sickening aroma of that fake oily butter that coats our fingertips, the

rows of glossy eyes reflecting the 50-foot projection ahead... ethereal, really. And anything that

calls for a sweet treat, I am there. If you also look for any excuse to get settled in that heated seat

or simply need a post-Monday pick-me-up, I propose to you: Movie Tuesdays.

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For whatever reason, select movie theaters, including AMC and Cinemark, offer discount movie

tickets on Tuesdays. A 50% discount, might I add. So that’s a brand-new movie showing for less

than 10 dollars.

This summer I was lucky enough to unite with some of my fellow movie buff friends, and we

turned Tuesdays into our designated movie nights. Each week, we rallied the troops, gathered our

grub, and snagged our discounted tickets. I watched more movies in the theater last year alone

than I have in my entire life, and I am not mad about it.

The cool thing about discounted tickets is that it’s not much of an investment. Meaning if the

movie isn't your cup of tea, you didn’t burn any Benjamins... not even a Hamilton (wow that was

corny, but so true). Some Tuesdays are more of an excuse to see your friends with a film on the

side. But 2023 was a good year for movies... I would know. So here are three of my favorite,

and very contrasting, “Movie Tuesdays.”

Starting out strong with “The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes,” which,

admittedly, consisted of four Tuesdays. Yes, I saw this film in theaters four times. This prequel to

the iconic dystopian movie series released in the early 2010s, follows Cornelius Snow and Lucy

Gray. That is, the future president of Panem and the tribute he mentors during the 10th annual

Hunger Games.

I am no reader, hence my movie theater attendance record, so I did not read the book prior to

seeing this movie. And I think that was an unexpected advantage. Without knowledge of Snow’s

inner dialogue which was provided in the text (apparently it was super misogynistic and

calculated), I genuinely was rooting for his character. And being the hopeless romantic that I am,

I was thrilled to see a budding romance between the two leads. This film had suspense, it had

lore, it had lust, it even had songs. It had everything I needed to crawl back for more. New

elements to the story unraveled each time I returned, making this a “Movie Tuesday” hit. And

bonus points for the Olivia Rodrigo original accompanying the end credits, to which my friends

and I frolicked through the aisles as we made our exit (4 times).

Up next, we have “Gran Turismo” and let’s be real, I did not see this coming. In reference to the

trailer, which my friends and I endured too many times, I thought this movie was going to be a

bore. But I think I only blinked twice.

This story follows a teenage gamer who gets the opportunity to graduate from a racecar

simulation to the racetrack, based on the real life experience of Jann Mardenborough. After

setting an all-time record on the Gran Turismo racing game, Mardenborough is recruited to the

GT Academy where he trains and races in real cars on real tracks (I know, sounds insane). The

movie consists of his many auto races, and the risks that they entail, as he gradually becomes one

of the most skilled racers in the game. For anyone with a competitive edge who loves to root for

the underdog, this thrilling adaptation is for you. And the best part is, once the film is over you

can do the extensive internet deep dive on the real Mardenborough. I did my research and found

that he served as his own stunt double in this film! So cool.

Before I continue, I would like to preface that a good fraction of my watchlist are children's

movies. Glad we got that sorted out. “Trolls: Band Together” is my next “Movie Tuesday”


Watching Branch, a troll voiced by Justin Timberlake, reunite with his long-lost brothers/former

boy band members was one of the best parts of my 2023 (the way I’m not kidding). With

obstacles like the evil, yet undeniably fierce, sibling duo, Velvet and Veneer, and run-ins with the

Bergens (lore from the previous movies), the trolls go on quite the journey. I won’t give away too

much, as I am encouraging everyone to give this a watch, but I laughed, I sang, I even shed a tear.

This is one of those children’s movies that I think was secretly intended for our generation. It

beautifully paid homage to 90s boy band culture with a stacked cast and catchy original songs,

and evoked just about every emotion the human body can express. 10/10.

The list goes on, but the point is: “Movie Tuesday” is about exploration. By viewing a new

movie every week, I was constantly surprising myself. One week it was a devastating

biographical sports drama, the next a colorful animation about a teenage kraken. You never know

what movies are going to strike a cord, and the only way to find out is to buy that discounted

ticket. And staying in the loop is a plus. When all your friends are talking about the Academy

Awards nominations, you no longer have to just smile and nod!

So before you begin your “Movie Tuesday” expedition, I will leave you with some parting

advice. First things first, find your movie gang. All members must have an open-mind regarding

movie and snack selection- this is non-negotiable. Get in your comfiest sweats and bring a

blanket, this is a game-changer. Two words: candy salad. And finally, seek versatility. It is easy to

reject movies that deviate from our typical choices, but don’t underestimate a film you are

skeptical about. You never know what it might have in store for you.

Movies are magical. And now, so are your Tuesdays.


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