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Panteon Rococo’s “Sobreviviré” Gives Latinx a new anthem.

Panteon Rococo, a well known Mexican ska band has long been the voice of the poor, oppressed, and unheard among Latin America and the Latinx community in the US. With songs such as “La Carencia” and “Vendedora de Caricias”, they have brought awareness to issues such as the tragic socioeconomic conditions that people face under oppressive systems. However, with their new single, Sobreviviré, they drive the message of the song not to the systems that hurt people but rather to the uncontrollable conditions that the world is currently facing.


Panteon Rococo has dumped their brass-heavy ska style to instead use an array of musical instruments and beats from different genres to represent different regions and time periods that have influenced their music, but more importantly, these constant switches in beats, melody, and tempo are meant as a message of unity. Starting with Cumbia, a style most associated with central America. The song then goes to Disco/Funk referencing the constant “Americanization” of Chicanx and Latinx culture. To then venture into the Norteño (Northen Mexican) style which delivers an unorthodox pathway into the Metal genre in which the song closes. This venture leaves no room for mistake since a song with contrasting genres is a barely touched concept, yet the lyrical component of the song ensures the song is well structured resulting in an enjoyable experience. Thanks to the risks taken in the musicality of the song the track earns a strong 9/10 on the Intersect 1-10 rating scale.


“Sobreviviré” lyrically apart from musically drifts away from the known style by not expressing hate or criticisms towards social standards or a system. The beauty of the song lies in the way in which, Dr. Shenka, Panteon Rococo’s vocalist, displays a message of unity and hope trough four different styles of music. Panteon Rococo, however, keeps their lyrical structure of delivering a unique verse to the be closed by a repeating rhyme. The lyrics themselves are not a great feat. It is the beats and tempos to which they are contrasted which makes them stand out. Dr. Shenka delivers a stellar execution that flows from genre to genre. Resulting in a performance that not only makes the message of the song clear. It solidifies his status as one of the great Latinx lyricists. Although the lyrical component of the song is strong the track is ultimately driven by the musicality thus the lyrics receive a 7/10 on the Intersect 1-10 rating scale.


Dropping in the middle of uncertain times for Latinx people “Sobreviviré” is a piece that varies from the set ska style that has kept Panteon Rococo relevant since nineteen ninety-five. Without a doubt, its lyrical content and musicality are meant to deliver a message of unity. The lyrics are a monologue which narrates how a voice is a vehicle for change as well as a tool for resilience in the face of adversity. Dr. Shenka states in a plethora of examples of how his culture will live through the following generations and the challenges said generations face. Trough the song he references the pain of immigration and the challenge of facing a world that seems to have no place for you. Two messages that especially today carry a heavy meaning. Overall the song is a fresh and strong exploratory concept that earns the song a 9/10 on the Intersect 1-10 rating scale.

We strongly suggest listening to "Sobrevivire". The total score is 8.3/10 on the Intersect 1-10 rating scale. Listen to the single below!


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