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Press Play: Lila Iké Releases New Single "He Loves Us Both" Featuring H.E.R.

"He Loves Us Both," the brand new single by rising Jamaican artist Lila Iké, has been released and it's a must-listen. The Protoje-produced track features the celebrated artist H.E.R., known for her Academy Award, Emmy, and multi-GRAMMY wins. Together, they deliver soul-bearing confessions about the complexities of dating the same man.

In the star-studded visual, Lila Iké and H.E.R. find themselves entangled in a love triangle with rapper and actor Joey Bada$$. The video draws inspiration from the iconic 1998 hit "The Boy Is Mine" by Brandy and Monica, adding a modern twist to the classic narrative. Despite the onscreen tension, Lila Iké and H.E.R. share a real-life friendship and a mutual appreciation for storytelling through their music.

Lila Iké recalls the song's creation: “I remember working on this song on my guitar and thinking it needs a feature with a really dope female artist as it reminded me of ‘The Boy Is Mine’ collaboration. I met H.E.R. in 2021 during Covid times and we did some sessions together working on her project at the time. That whole experience changed my life. The first time I played this song for her she immediately got in the booth and so effortlessly made it into the masterpiece it is today. I am forever grateful and can’t wait to share this song with people. This song is one of my proudest moments of my career.”

H.E.R. adds, “Lila is an incredible artist and we had fun in the studio! ‘He Loves Us Both’ has so many musical elements. She cannot be boxed into a genre!!!”

This collaboration is the first single from Lila Iké’s highly-anticipated debut album, set to release later this year. Following her acclaimed EP, "The ExPerience," this new full-length project delves deeper into themes of perseverance, love, and relationships. On "He Loves Us Both," vintage reggae influences are evident through steady guitar licks and cracking snare drums echoing Jamaican dub. Lila Iké and H.E.R. explore the trials of love, balancing frustration with acceptance, and ultimately arrive at an impasse in the chorus: “I don’t want to lose a good thing just because; I really want it to be good for what it’s worth.”

With this release, Lila Iké and H.E.R. provide a fresh soundtrack for modern "situationships," blending their unique styles into a powerful musical statement.

Listen to the new single below.


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