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Press Play: Nieve Ella Releases New Single "The Things We Say"

In the dynamic UK music scene, Nieve Ella remains a standout name. After the success of her 2023 EP, "Lifetime of Wanting," and a sold-out debut headline tour, the West-Midlands songwriter and guitarist continues her impressive rise with the release of "The Things We Say" on AWAL Recordings.

Mollie Mckay ©

Known for her potent indie-pop confessionals infused with '90s guitar vibes, Ella's latest single represents a mature step forward. At twenty-one, she effortlessly balances heaviness and lightness, density and playfulness in this emotionally charged track.

Collaborating with producer Iain Berryman (Beabadoobee, Young Fathers, Wolf Alice) and co-writer Joel Pott (Joy Crookes), Ella maintains her knack for pairing knockout choruses with elements from her broader indie-pop palette. "The Things We Say" weaves frothy crash cymbals and slanted guitar lines into a compelling backdrop for Ella's distinctive raspy vocals, navigating the complexities of a platonic fallout.

Speaking about the song, Ella shares, "I wrote 'The Things We Say' after an argument with a best friend. These conversations can be painful at the best of times, but even more so when it's with someone you love deeply." Expanding on her evolved songwriting approach, Ella adds, "Being able to write something so raw and honest, and not being afraid to express how I feel, has made me feel strong and empowered."

Mollie Mckay ©

As Nieve Ella continues to share her authentic storytelling through music, "The Things We Say" stands as a testament to her prowess in crafting emotionally resonant narratives. With each release, Ella solidifies her position as a formidable force in the indie-pop scene, promising more heartfelt stories in the chapters ahead.

Listen to "The Things We Say" below.


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