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Rising R&B Artist Talii Releases New Track "Pointless Numbers" Alongside Music Video

Rising artist Talii has released her first single of 2021; a brooding R&B track dubbed "Pointless Numbers."

The new song acts as a display of Talii's effortless take on the R&B genre, all while maintaining her signature dark-pop sensibility. Speaking on the vulnerable track, which delves into periods when she's struggled with mental health, Talii describes:

"I wrote 'Pointless Numbers' during a particularly heavy depressive state I was in at the time. When those moments hit, I shut myself off from everyone and tend to suffer in silence even though I know I need help... I pick up my phone over and over to reach out to someone but even though I have hundreds of numbers, I don’t feel like I can text or call a soul."

"I know I’m not the only one who has felt like this," she says, knowing many relate to the feeling. "Creating this song has been a release for me and helped me share my struggle with mental health when it was hard for me to express it before. I hope it’s also a release for others. Something they can cry to... Something that gives their pain a voice when they struggle to find the right words. Something that helps other people feel less alone."

"Pointless Numbers" is the first single to drop from Talii's upcoming debut EP, expected later this summer. The track follows a momentous year for the rising artist, who was named as one of SoundCloud's March 2020 Artists To Watch, a prestigious title showcasing her fast rise and growing momentum.

Listen to Talii's new song "Pointless Numbers" below, and stay tuned for her forthcoming debut EP.



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