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The band Yam Haus is On the Rise

Cover Photo: Megan Long (@meganlongproductions)

Today in the music industry, small artists are constantly attempting to make a name for themselves and create an original sound. Four guys from Minneapolis, Minnesota have cracked the code and are finally getting the chance to show it off. The band Yam Haus has been making music since around 2017 with lead singer Lars Pruitt, bass player Zach Beinlich, guitarist Seth Blum, and Jake Felstow on drums.

Leaning into an electronic pop category, they have released multiple singles and a debut album that has reached over 100,000 listeners on Spotify and 67,000 subscribers on Youtube. Their 2019 song “The Thrill” surpassed 1 million streams and for a good reason. The track is catchy, danceable, and is similar to bands like DNCE, and COIN. Another favorite is “Cute” which was released in 2020. Lars shines on the vocals and is backed up by a chill bassline and beautiful arrangement. Overall, they are authentic and sincere performers who have a true love for music. You can see this through their fun and goofy Tik Toks and various social media accounts. On their website, the boys talk about the meaning of the name. The word “Yam” stands for “You Are Me”, as they want to always encourage fans to feel one with their music and messages.

Recently, Yam Haus had the opportunity to perform and be a part of the American Song Contest on NBC. On the show, hosted by Kelly Clarkson and Snoop Dog, different artists represent all 50 states and compete with their original songs to win. Yam Haus represented Minnesota and got to reveal a new single called “Ready to Go”.

Photo by NBC

The song leans more towards a pop-rock sound and still shows the band’s personality and genuine love for performing. Through the show, they have gained a lot of new fans and popularity. The exposure of being on national television is a big step for a band like Yam Haus. Even though they will not be moving on in the competition, they tweeted that they “had too much fun to lose” and were grateful for the experience. The guys have a lot to look forward to with their Ready to Go Tour coming in May. Listen to Yam Haus here and check them out on all social platforms @yamhaus.


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