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This Week's Must-Listen Releases: From Doja Cat to Adam Melchor

Stream this week's must-listen releases, hand-picked by our editors.

Doja Cat's Scarlet

Award-winning R&B and certified pop girly Doja Cat has returned with her fourth album, Scarlet. The debut of her alter ego, “Scarlet” has been accompanied by burning red imagery and classic R&B beats. The singer’s fourth album is experimental and vivacious in its use of a variety of samples, flows, and beats. Scarlet feels like a completely new direction for Doja Cat’s music and gives listeners a diverse, groovy, and addictive array of tracks that will have them bopping their heads along hours later. In her single “Balut” the singer poses the questions “Is it coke? Is it crack? Is it meth? What the fuck do she put in them hits?” which is precisely the series of inquiry I am led to. As she has created some of my favorite tracks from her discography to date.

Troye Sivan's "Got Me Started"

Following his iconic song of the summer, “Rush,” is no easy feat, however, pop icon Troye Sivan has returned to the scene back and better than ever. With his new single “Got Me Started” Sivan tells a story of lust and heartache accompanied by a sample from Australian duo, Bag Raiders’ 2008 hot “Shooting Star” and echoing ethereal vocals. This track is refreshing, playful, and energetic that should be added to every pregaming playlist.

Brent Faiyaz' "WY@"

Featuring deep quaking beats and Faiyaz’s evocative and sultry vocals Brent Faiyaz’s latest track “WY@” is entrancing and otherworldly. The 3-minute track splits its time between Faiyaz’s verse repeating “I be doing shit I really shouldn't do for real/ That's why I always tell you come through for real/ After this time I'll be through for real” and an interlude featuring a female voice that sings “Voy a estar aquí para ti, para siempre/ Te estoy esperando con mis piernas abiertas y mi corazónabierto.” The track follows the story between these voices and the lust between them, creating this dynamic and fun soundscape.

Chapelle Roan's The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess

Queer pop excellency has returned with Chappelle Roan’s debut album, The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess. Bursting with electric 80s-inspired instrumentation, tongue and cheek lyricism, and queer romance Roan is bringing camp back! The 14-track album is nothing short of vibrant, high energy and dance-worthy! “Super Graphic Modern Girl” is a stand-out track to me with Roan’s sultry vocals and funky beat, her catchy chorus will have you singing “I’m overdramatic, I know what I want” along instantly!

Faye Webster "Lifetime"

Indie pop sweetheart Faye Webster has returned with her poignant, heartache-inducing inducing and tearful track “Lifetime.” Deeply sentimental and contemplative “Lifetime” may seem sparse in its lyricsm but this does not mean Webster is not deeply evocative in the mere 92 words she sings in the 5-minute long track. The lovesick track features the lyrics “No conversation/ I understand you verbatim” before spiraling into a dreamlike state with the twinkling plucking pattern and piano piece as Webster repeats “In a lifetime” endlessly.


Adam Melchor’s first single, “BIGTIMEGOODTIME,” off of his brand new album “Fruitland,” is nothing short of enchanting, experimental, and candid. Opening the song with an enchanting horn piece and the lyrics “Rising tides and mudslides/ Gender rights and antisemites/ Wonder why I just can't sleep at night?” Melchor is truly voicing his woes in this honest track. This track is for all the overthinkers and optimists who need a mantra like “I’m looking for a big time, good time, now.”

Check back next week for more must-listens.


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