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This Week's Must-Listen Releases: From Lil Yachty to Chlöe

Stream this week's must-listen releases, hand-picked by our editors.

4batz' “act iii on god? (she like)”

Since June of last year, 4Batz has been a viral mystery. Dressed in a black sheisty, fitted in gold grills, and tenderly singing R&B melodies that merely coast on instrumental, pitched-up club beats, the Dallas artist has trademarked a sound that has become ubiquitous, both on the internet and in an industry clamoring to sign trending acts. In the time since he released his first track he’s received co-signs from artists like Kanye West and amassed an online following sustained mostly based on the ambiguity of his presence. His highly anticipated third single “act iii: on god? (she like)” is the latest addition to the series that started his come-up. On it, he sings “You so damn hard to read/ It’s so damn hard to please you/ I know you’re wrong for me/ But I still want you to come home to me/ It’s not my fault, or is it?” His melodic croons reach new heights in “act iii” as he patiently swoons the girl he wants, even if his past actions were slightly toxic, the sultry flows of its production are reminiscent of 4batz's most intriguing appeal, his ability to be introspectively emotional and raw. 

Fred again…, Lil Yachty and Overmono's “stayinit”

A collaboration between Fred again… and Lil Yachty only feels right given the current direction of the latter’s expanding discography and sonic imagination. Along with Overmono, the three artists recently released “stayinit”, delving into the rather melancholic hypnotics that seem to be hidden within EDM's inflection points. Equipped with muffled percussion and high-pitched synths, Yachty’s quivering verses build the silhouette of a wistful siren call before giving Fred the stage to build up the massive, rave-like dramatics that finish the song. The song debuted during a pop-up show at New York’s Knockdown Center in early February and comes at the forefront of the producer's continued rise, who is set to go on tour later this year. 

Schoolboy Q's Blue Lips

ScHoolboy Q’s highly anticipated album Blue Lips has finally arrived and he’s proved once again his ability to build melodic, thought-provoking west-cost gangster rap songs that feel neither repetitive nor predictable.

Chlöe's “FYS”

Chlöe is ushering in a new era of spiritual self-care, which includes tossing out the fakes and no longer settling for unsatisfying flashy facades. On her new single “FYS” the R&B singer remains unbothered by money and status and instead is looking for a deeper relationship she can channel all of her love into. Singing, “Money, cars and the diamonds / Dont faze me, I been had it / Fuck your status / I just, I just wanna love you, baby” Chlöe searches for a connection beyond the surface and above mixed signals. Arriving almost a year after her debut solo album In Pieces, “FYS” feels like a new chapter for the Atlanta artist, leaving behind the emotional reveling of her previous project, in her new single Chlöe boldly puts herself first, with or without a romantic partner. While the singer has been quiet about whether the single is part of an upcoming project, she’s teased various solo releases and is set to perform at her first solo Coachella set in April of this year.

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