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A Second Chance: DNCE's New Comeback

Photo By Noam Galai, FilmMagic 2016

The last time we heard from DNCE, was in

2018. Their EP, People to People, was released after their popular self-titled album. “Cake By the Ocean” was the song of the summer back in 2016, and Joe Jonas was exploring new avenues after the Jonas Brothers broke up. Some of their most popular songs include “Toothbrush”, “Truthfully” and “Kissing Strangers” featuring Nicki Minaj. They found a specific audience and ran with it, experimenting and mixing with different sounds. DNCE brought feel-good records to the music industry, but when 2019 rolled around, Joe had a different agenda. The Jonas Brothers were planning a comeback that would be bigger than before, a new single, music video, and late-night appearances. Of course, in order to achieve this success again, Joe took a step back from DNCE.

Nick, Joe, and Kevin, took their success and produced an album, went on tour, and released multiple radio hits such as “Sucker”, “What A Man Gotta Do” and “Who’s in Your Head”. It seemed like the brothers were on a good streak, they have been making bops for the past three years since their return. Recently, Joe posted Tik Toks on his account leaking a song fans did not recognize.

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Turns out, the track was an unreleased DNCE song titled “Dancing Feet” featuring well-known DJ, Kygo. Immediately, viewers caught on and began to discuss the return of the band. Another Tik Tok revealed artwork of a new logo, which is very modern and bubbly. Combined with the electronic, upbeat style of Kygo, DNCE has not strayed from its original sound. It should be a good collaboration that will launch off their comeback in the right direction.

The other members of DNCE originally consisted of guitarist JinJoo Lee, bass player Cole Whittle, and Jack Lawless on drums. A few years later, the lineup is a little bit different, as there are only three members returning, Joe, JinJoo, and Jack. They seem excited to be back in action and making music in their niche style.


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