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Adanna Duru Talks "if i was a boy ;)"

Singer-songwriter Adanna Duru is here to bless your ears with her effervescent Afro-Pop that’ll have you grooving along instantly. Garnering two million followers on TikTok with her unique and hilarious content, Adanna Duru is making waves with her humor, honesty, and relatability in and out of her music.

Her latest single, “if i was a boy ;)” produced by Khris Riddick Tynes and Rob Bisel, is a humorous take on modern dating culture. Her lyrics are quirky and memorable ringing out “If I was a boy/ I'd never post my girl/ I'd tell her she's my world/ Then I'd go and fuck with her over there” in the opening verse. Inspired by tracks that subvert societal expectations and flip femininity on its head like Beyonce's "If I Were a Boy" and Ciara's "Like a Boy," Adanna Duru creates a soundscape of comedic lyrics, two step beats and buttery vocals.

The artist candidly shares, "I wanted to make a song that was super fun and spoke to feelings that all women go through in relationships– wanting to treat men the way they treat us." “if i was a boy ;)” is the first single from her forthcoming EP, NAPPY HOUR II, which is set to be nothing short of vibrant, funny and energetic.

Adanna Duru sat down with Intersect Magazine to talk about all things musical genesis, beauty and fuckboys.

For those unfamiliar, How would you describe your music?

Fun and carefree.

Your music style is a very unique fusion of genres, how did you cultivate your unique sound?

I am inspired by all kinds of music. Pop, R&B, Folk, Afrobeats, Disco, you name it. As a child of immigrants, I listened to a lot of Top 40 growing up. My music is inspired by all my favorite artists, all mashed up together. I just make music that feels right to me!

How did you begin your musical journey?

I’ve really been singing since I was a baby and my parents were always supportive.

Where did your love for creating music stem from?

Music was always an escape for me.

How do you feel your style has developed since the beginning of your career?

I definitely take more risks in my writing than when I began writing the first NAPPY HOUR. I write with less inhibition. Although these songs are just an extension of the 1st EP, they’re definitely quirkier.

You just released a single, “if i were a boy ;)’ what’s the story behind the track?

I wrote the song with Khris Riddick-Tynes (“Snooze” by SZA), Rob Bisel (“Kill Bill by SZA) and Van Ward Caravirllo. We were just having a blast writing a silly song in the studio & this was the outcome of that session. I wanted to make a sarcastic song about how fuckboys operate.

You’ve got an EP set to release! What was your favorite memory when creating this EP?

The EP drops in January – My favorite moments have been getting to see my friend’s reactions when I first play them the songs. That is a high I can’t explain!

What do you hope listeners take away from this project?

I want Black women to feel more beautiful...

What’s your favorite track and why?

I love “The Way,” because it’s the most honest song I would be releasing thus far.

What would you tell listeners to expect for this EP?

Expect super fun and wonderful music...


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