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AVIV "Black Coffee" is the Perfect Way to Start Your Day

Indie singer-songwriter AVIV released new single "Black Coffee" on April 9.

AVIV shared: "Black Coffee is about how crazy it is that people we care about turn into strangers instantly. It feels as if we are black coffee with all the grains sitting in the bottom of the cup. So many memories and days that could have happened, yet they poured them out into the drain." This must-listen track is a light combination of authentic lyrics, hummable melodies, and a nostalgic feel. "Black Coffee" begins with a dreamlike harp glissando, and immediately transitions into the first verse, with a vintage effect that carries throughout the song.

In the music video to "Black Coffee," AVIV dances around her room and through the street, sits in a toy car, and there is, of course, coffee.

Listen to "Black Coffee" below and let us know what you think.



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