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"Between Us", Here's What We Think of Snoh Aalegra and Dvsn

This year, R&B artist Dvsn released A Muse In Her Feelings. The album includes a song featuring up and coming artist Snoh Aalegra. Dvsn and Snoh Aalegra are fresh sounds in the R&B world, but is their collaboration, Between Us exactly what we needed?


The song starts out with a sound most are familiar with from Usher's 90's hit Nice & Slow. The sample is clean and gives a fresh perspective to an old song. The track is consistent and we never lose sight of the original mix. The song appeals to the listener's inner romantic, issuing an apology and begging for amends. It gives us everything we want from a millennial r&b track: lyrics to relate to, a melody to sing along with and a beat to bop to! This song earns a 9/10 on Intersect's ratings scale.


Sampling an Usher song comes with expectations, high ones. But Dvsn and Ms. Aalegra delivered! Dvsn offers a suave sound, just a bit more sultry than Usher's. This combined with the silkiness of Snoh Aalegra's voice is a winning combination. Their voices together, and even as they alternate and weave in and out of each other throughout the song, so eloquently tell the story of fragile love and reconciliation. The singing on this track is complementary and simply perfect. On intersect's scale, the singing on this track earns a 10/10.


This song tells us a story of lovers reconciling, pleading that vulnerability takes priority in the relationship. The song appeals to a part of romance that we all want; It touches the softest parts of your inner romantic with a modern flair that reaches younger audiences. The cover shows Snoh posing while being painted. The way Dvsn sings about love comes to life with the album cover. He sings about accepting flaws and the cover of the album treats the woman, naked as a masterpiece. The art behind this album receives a 10/10 on the Intersect rating scale.


If you're a fan of Dvsn, check out his songs Miss Me and A Muse also on A Muse In Her Feelings.

If you want to hear more of Snoh Aalegra, check out Situationship and I Want You Around on her album Ugh, those feels again.

The collaboration Between Us did not disappoint; it hits and exceeds every mark a feel good R&B song should, and for that, it earns an overall score of 9/10 on the Intersect rating scale. Check it out below!


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