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Billy Kim of Tycho Releases New Single "Seems Like" Under Stage Name Karaboudjan

Billy Kim, a former touring member of Tycho, has dropped a new single titled "Seems Like." The song is the lead track from his debut EP, IMAGO.

The singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist now works under the stage name Karaboudjan, as a tribute his father who passed after years of deteriorating from Alzheimer’s disease. "The name had always fascinated me - it was the name of a ship in The Adventures of Tin Tin," shared Kim. "I remember begging my parents to take me to the library so I could check out the next book in the series with which I was so infatuated. For me, Karaboudjan reminds me of my youth and the enormous curiosity that comes with life unlived."

In 2016, Kim joined Tycho’s touring band and relocated to Union City, New Jersey where he wrote most of his debut EP, IMAGO. "Our apartment faced the Hudson River, and we had the most incredible view of the Empire State Building. It was magical to have that view every time I looked up from my computer. It was the first time I ever lived away from home, and there was something so enchanting about the city for me. Probably because that’s where I fell in love with my wife."

Much like Karaboudjan, IMAGO is also something of a tribute to Kim’s youth. The dreamy psych-indie rock EP is expected soon, but in the meantime, check out Kim's new track "Seems Like." Let us know what you think!



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