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Can you handle that? Why Ciara’s 2006 hit is coming back in 2022

Cover Photo by Frazer Harrison

In 2006, Ciara released a song titled “Like a Boy”. This was later put on her second album, The Evolution. The artist had made a name for herself after putting out her 2004 debut record, Goodies which featured popular songs like “One, Two Step”. She has had a great career, and still does, but why is her single from over 15 years ago making a comeback? Ciara can thank the Louisiana State Dance Team.

Let’s rewind back to a year ago. With COVID being a big concern, the Tiger Girls Dance Team ran into an issue with competing. According to the school and other administrators, they were not allowed to compete or go to events except sporting games to cheer for the male athletes playing on the teams. In interviews done with People Magazine, NBC Sports, and more, the Tigers choreographers Carson Rowe and Sammy McFadden shared that they decided to create a hip hop piece using the song “Like a Boy” for a few reasons. They want people to know that this dance is a message of empowerment to girls, specifically athletes, who have been overshadowed by men in the same field or other sports. After months of hard work, the Tigers attended the UDA college nationals and won in the D1 Hip Hop competition.

Not only did the dance and message resonate with the dancers, but after posting the full video online, it received immediate feedback, and it was all positive. Dance teams across the country are recreating the choreography on Tik Tok to show support of Louisiana State. After the dance took off, the song is now one of Ciara’s most streamed songs on Spotify, with 84 million plays. It is also starting a conversation that should always be talked about, the constant comparison and stereotypes within gender. Overall, this is a song that should be on the charts no matter what year it was released. Ciara continues to be a role model for younger women and generations to come with her music. You can listen to “Like a Boy” below


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