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Comethazine Drops "Pandemic" during an actual Pandemic

Coming off being named to the XXL Freshman 2019 Class rapper Comethazine was seen to be "next up" in the rap game. Hailing from East St.Louis, Illinois Jahmier Velazquez is setting the tone for the new generation of rappers from the midwest. Creating a new upbeat sound that you can compare to Tay-K but with more advanced beats and more hype music that makes you bump your head back and forth. However many have said that his music is very repetitive and lacks any meaning. Let's see how his newest project speaks for itself.


Comethazine is known for giving his listeners music that will make them feel good, it is a sound that personifies a fast lifestyle, however, he does not talk about being in the streets. He does not speak on political subjects or controversial topics at all. His fans listen to him to get a high of vivid beats that make them want to speed down the street while they are driving or turn up with the bros during a pregame. The project has twelve songs on the tracklists, while this is normal for Comethazine, fans want more. The fact that there are twelve songs on the album and all of them are under two minutes with a similar fast makeup is frustrating. It seems like he does not want to keep the attention of his listeners. Because of this, the sound of "Pandemic" receives a 7/10.


Rapping very fast over the beats could cause a shorter duration of the project, however, it would be nice to see how he would sound on some lengthier tracks. His flow is great and keeps you wondering how talented he would be if he began being featured in other artists' songs or even featured other artists on his projects. Because of this, the rapping on "Pandemic" receives an 8/10.


The biggest takeaways from the new project are that Comethazine can rap, that he really does not like to have features and that he is in no time soon plan on releasing a length project filled with intellectual tracks. He has found his core fan base, noticed what they appeal to and doesn't seem like doing any changing in his music. You know what they say, "If it ain't broke don't fix it". Comethazine knows what is working for him and is running with it, his skills have landed him opening up for A$AP Rocky on the "Injured Generation" tour and has secured his slot as an XXL Freshman. However, it is now time for him to reach out to a bigger audience and this was a project many fans have been anticipating. The "Baws

kee" series of albums was his introduction into the rap game and he did not disappoint, however listening to the new set of songs make me feel as if he has taken his foot off the gas too much. Comethazine needs a solid fifteen tracks that and half of them need to be good for this album to be his best one released. The first "Bawskee" was a solid album with multiple songs that can be played at parties or before any type of social gatherings. Because of this, the art behind the album receives a 6/10.


No Front, Mama's Glizzy, and Glide


No Front, Mama's Glizzy, Permanent

Comethazine's "Pandemic" is a fairly average album, I recommend giving it a listen but there is no need to rush. You did not miss the most underrated project of the year. It is just another twelve-track project with good beats. The overall rating for this project is 7/10.


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